Computer programming jobs are among the most sought-after jobs in Europe, but salaries for the position are still significantly higher than the US, according to research conducted by software company Diy.

The research firm conducted a survey for the Financial Times and found that the average salary for computer programmers in Europe is €1.2 million per year, compared to €732,000 in the US.

In comparison, the average US salary is $77,800.

The survey also found that computer programmers are much less likely to be female than the average programmer in the UK, with just 6% of the workforce of more than 3 million people in the United States.

“This shows how much women still struggle to be accepted and that the pay gap between men and women is still quite high, even for a highly skilled position like computer programmer,” Diy’s president and CEO Peter Pritchard said.

“The salaries in the U.S. and the UK are significantly lower than what we can expect in Europe.”

Pritchard added that the lack of gender diversity is not a surprise, given the fact that women in tech are often underpaid compared to men.

“In a company with a female CEO, the majority of the people are female, but women are less likely than men to be promoted,” he said.

Diy CEO Pritches also pointed out that the salaries in tech were also more competitive than those in traditional professions.

“A typical programmer in Germany has a salary of €1 million and the average in the rest of Europe is less than €400,000,” he explained.

“For us, that’s an achievement.

In terms of the salaries we are talking about, they are not that far away from those in Silicon Valley.”

The study also found the average pay of a computer programmer is also much higher in Europe than in the USA.

According to the survey, the median salary for programmers in the EU is €2.6 million, compared with the US $2.1 million.

The lowest paid in the continent is in Denmark where the average is €500,000.

In the United Kingdom, the lowest paid is in the City of London, where the median is €3.5 million.

“If you compare those salaries to those in the Middle East and Africa, you can see that the wages there are significantly higher,” Pritchers added.

The study found that while computer programming salaries are higher in the developed world, they remain below those in developed countries.

“It’s a bit of a paradox that you have such high salaries in developed nations and low salaries in developing nations,” Putchetts said.

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