Posted May 02, 2018 12:11:53The NFL computer analysts who run the teams’ NFL fantasy football games earn millions of dollars a year, according to the NFL Players Association.NFL players say they are regularly paid thousands of dollars for hours they don’t even have in the season.NFL computer analysts work in teams’ offices and are paid for a combination of time they spend studying games and for working with the team’s front office.

NFL players say their salaries are often significantly higher than those of the other analysts who work for the league, who make as little as $50,000 a year.

The pay disparity comes after a series of scandals that led to the ouster of longtime head coach Joe Philbin last year and the resignation of commissioner Roger Goodell in January.

The NFLPA has sued to have all NFL employees paid overtime, as well as overtime and profit sharing for the past six months, alleging that those pay levels are too low and are inconsistent with the league’s stated goal of increasing wages for its employees.

In response, the NFLPA said Monday that the average NFL analyst’s hourly pay in 2018 was $49.41.

However, some analysts earned more than $100,000 in compensation for working on the league�s fantasy football teams.

They included, according the NFLP, NFL offensive line analyst Joe Lai and offensive line coach Matt Hasselbeck, who earned $50 million in 2017 alone.

The league also announced that it would pay $4 million for back pay to the owners of the top fantasy football team, the Chicago Bears.

The $1.8 billion contract with FantasyPros was announced Friday by the NFL�s chief executive officer, Brian Gutekunst, and includes $300 million for player retirement funds, $100 million for employee health insurance, and $100 in bonuses for employees who sign up to play fantasy football.

The league also said it would contribute $50 to the $1 billion league health care plan.

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