Computer programmer salaries in Israel are becoming increasingly unaffordable for many Israelis.

But there’s a way to save some money if you want to.

Here are a few ways to save a little money in Israel.1.

Pay less for office space: According to a recent survey by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, Israeli employers are increasingly using cheaper office space, such as shared cubicles, and not paying employees enough to pay for their rent.

The report found that among those who have shared office space with another employee, one-third paid less than the average salary for that employee.

In the case of employees working in shared cubicle spaces, only 7 percent of respondents paid less for rent than the government mandated rent for such a space.2.

Pay more for the basics: Some Israelis may be tempted to buy cheaper office furniture, but the good news is that many of them are not doing so.

Many Israelis rent out a home office to a friend or family member or a relative.

That way, when they need to work from home, they can.

In many cases, however, that means they will need to pay higher rent for that office space than they could pay for the same office space on their own.3.

Make more use of public transport: Many Israelis have their own car, or a car that is provided by a private company, but many Israelis also use public transportation, such a subway, tram or metro.

This means they are not paying for a car with the public transit system.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use public transport if you can, either.

If you can afford it, make it an essential part of your daily life.4.

Go to the gym more often: Many Israeli families and professionals use the gym in order to exercise, but for those who are not at home, the gym is also a great way to increase their fitness.

Make sure you are not too lazy to do it.5.

Keep your eyes on the ball: If you are doing your own computer work and you want a little help from your computer, the Israel Gym, which offers classes in computer programming, is one option.

This includes some of the most advanced programming in the world, including programs that use Python and JavaScript.

It is also free to enter.

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