Computers, computers everywhere, are not just about computers anymore.

They’re about people.

And the internet is going to be the new computer, and it’s not going to take much for it to happen.

And it’s going to happen because, as the people who are running it, we have to understand that it’s a lot easier than it used to be.

That’s what I want to talk about today.

I’m talking about computer hardware, computers, computers all the way down to the low-end parts, and all the low end parts are going to start to look like the low End of the Spectrum, where the hardware is just about where it used have been, and we’re going to see a big shift in how people think about computers.

If you go back to the 1970s, you see that kind of thing all the time.

You see people who look at the computer as the computer, the computer parts, the hard drive, and you don’t even think about it as a computer anymore.

It’s just like your cell phone.

It looks like a cell phone, but it doesn’t have a SIM card, it doesn, it’s just a phone.

And you have to get that phone, and that’s where we’re headed with computers.

So what’s going on with that?

What we’re seeing with PCs is that they’re just getting smaller, faster, and better.

And they’re getting faster because they have the new chips, and they’re also getting faster at the same time.

And I think this is going, I think, to be a very big shift.

And this shift is going in two directions.

One, it is going the opposite direction of what we’ve been doing.

Because we have seen a huge improvement in the last 20 years or so, where we had a lot of old PCs, and people didn’t know about them.

They didn’t understand what they were.

And now, thanks to the advances in software, it looks like they are now much more accessible than they used to have been.

The other direction of change is also coming.

And that’s going towards the low ends.

People are going from desktop PCs to mobile phones, from smartphones to tablets.

And, because of the advances that have been made, there is now a lot more room for the lowend parts to be replaced by new low- end parts, so that the high end of the spectrum will now be replaced with something more like the high-end of the continuum.

So let’s talk about what this means for you.

So, I’m going to go through the two directions of change and then move into the low and high ends.

There are two kinds of computers.

The low end computer, like the desktops, laptops, or even the phones, have been around for decades.

The high end computer is a lot newer and a lot faster, but not quite as accessible to people.

The difference between the low, low end, and high end is going from a desktops to an iPhone.

And if you’re going from desktops and laptops to smartphones, the next step up is going back to a desktop.

And with that, the trend will shift.

The desktop is going away.

The laptop is going on the decline.

And so the low/high end computer will be replaced in a lot smaller parts by something that is much more like a laptop, that’s not necessarily a desktop computer, but a laptop that’s just about the size of a desktop.

And we’ll see a lot fewer computers for the lowest end.

And when the low high end and low low end computers are replaced by the high/high, the high high end computers, they’re going away for a lot less money.

And there will be fewer low end laptops and high high- end laptops, and there will also be fewer high high/low high- and low high-priced laptops, because there are going for much more of a high end price.

And because the low low and low/low low high will be much cheaper, they’ll be going to the places where they were made to go, like mobile phones.

And then they’re all going to get a lot cheaper.

And once they get cheaper, there will always be people that will have to go to the higher end, because it’s cheaper.

So you’re talking about computers that are much smaller, and much faster, for a very much smaller price, because they’re cheaper.

The second kind of computer, for the people that want more control, is the high and low end.

They have to be more secure and more powerful, and for a much higher price, but there are also a lot bigger security and powerful features.

For example, you can take a smartphone, and put a camera, and a microphone, and an accelerometer on it, and get a really powerful system.

And all you need to do is to put a

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