This year, Canada is expecting a lot of computer science graduates to find jobs in the next five years, but some will not.

That’s according to a new study from the University of Toronto’s faculty of computer, information and communications science.

The researchers say the current unemployment rate for computer science is more than double the national average.

The average annual unemployment rate of people working in the field is 2.7 per cent.

While this means that Canada has about 10,000 people working full-time in the sector, the researchers say this number is misleading because it includes people who are simply “off the radar” in the labour market.

The study says the average rate for those looking for a full- or part-time job is only 1.8 per cent, and the unemployment rate is closer to 2.1 per cent for those working part- time.

They say if we want to get people into the computer science field we need to do a better job of training students, which they say isn’t happening.

The students who are doing well right now, they’re working with some of the world’s leading companies and they’re helping to make Canada a more attractive place to work, said David Smith, an associate professor in the School of Computing at U of T. “So that’s going to take time.”

The researchers point out that a lot has changed in the last five years.

In 2009, there were about 8,500 computer science degrees in Canada.

By 2015, that had fallen to about 6,400, and there are now more than 10,500.

That means a lot more computer science grads are finding jobs than five years ago.

But, the study says, the lack of job openings means that the number of people taking part in computer science has been stagnant for some time.

“We need to find ways to make it more attractive, to increase the number and the number,” said Smith.

He said the study was conducted on a sample of people who applied for the computer program’s online job fair, which runs from Jan. 1 to May 25, and it was the first time they had been able to take part in a job fair on their own.

They found the rate of students being hired to fill the gap was low, and even a little disappointing, said Smith, noting that the average application rate for people applying for a part- or full-year job in the industry was about 40 per cent and about 25 per cent in the private sector.

“The reality is that computer science degree programs are in trouble,” he said.

“If we want students to be able to enter into these fields and compete for these jobs, it is important that we are training more people.”

Students also report having difficulties finding work as well.

About one in four people who apply for computer jobs say they have trouble finding work, Smith said.

Many students who apply to work in the computing field say they are not satisfied with their current positions.

“That’s not necessarily because of the lack or the dissatisfaction with the job, but rather it’s because of how difficult it is to get an interview,” Smith said, noting people may have to take a long time and then give up after they fail.

For example, some of those who applied to work at the Canadian Space Agency in Toronto say they were given the job offer in September 2015 and didn’t even hear from them until December.

The job offer was in computer engineering, but they weren’t able to get the interview until February 2016.

“I’ve been out of school for a couple of years and I didn’t get a job,” one student told CBC News.

“There was a year where I was working full time, and I was getting about $100,000 a year in income.

So I was really struggling to make ends meet.”

The students also report difficulty finding work because of an uneven distribution of the job opportunities available.

In some areas, students are still getting a small percentage of the jobs in some areas of the country.

For instance, about 15 per cent of jobs are being held by computer science students in Toronto, according to the study.

For some sectors of the economy, like agriculture, computer science can be the main skill that people are looking for.

The Ontario government’s Employment Standards and Training division says it is “committed to expanding opportunities for the brightest computer science talent.”

It says there are more than 2,600 computer science positions across Ontario, and more than 400 in the province of Ontario.

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