When you’re a TV showrunner, you’re in charge of writing and shooting episodes of the show that will be broadcast across multiple platforms.

And you’ll have to do this all the time, since the shows’ creators and stars have to constantly juggle their schedule and schedules with their families and other obligations.

In the last year, though, that’s all changed.

The cast and creators of Star Trek: Discovery have told THR that they’re going to be doing all sorts of different things — including a live-action film, which is a huge deal for both the show and for the franchise as a whole.

While Star Trek is still a major part of Discovery’s narrative, the new movie will likely not be a feature film, instead serving as a stand-alone feature film.

“The cast and producers are very excited about doing this.

It’s the perfect fit for them, because it’s not just a movie, it’s a film that is so exciting and special to them.

We can’t wait to bring it to you,” Discovery showrunner Chris Terrio tells THR.

“I can’t speak for the rest of the cast and crew, but I can tell you that we’re thrilled.

We’re thrilled to do it.”

Discovery’s new live-or-die project is set to be called Discovery, which will focus on the USS Discovery.

The show will debut in 2019.

For more Star Trek news, visit THR.com/StarTrek.

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