This computer chairs has been “built in” to a “man’s body” and it has been sold to a charity to raise money for the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Surgeons (RANZSC).

Key points:A computer chair sold to charity will be used for the next 30 daysIt is “a good idea to wear it at all times”, RANZsc chief executive David Wilson says”The chair has the ability to detect and track people’s movements to track down and kill them,” Mr Wilson saidThe chair is a part of the RANRADRIS brand, and is “built to be used by the RANKERS of Australia and New Zealand a man who is able to do something about it.”

The chair sold by a Melbourne based company, RANNDS, was built in to Mr Wilson’s body after being donated to him by his father.

Mr Wilson said the chair was “built” to the specifications of the Royal Australasian and New York Hospital and was not intended for use on a human being.

“It was designed to be a human,” he said.

“We designed it to be able to detect people, to track them, to stop them, and then to kill them.”

“It’s a great invention to have in your hands when you’re walking down the street, but the real-life consequences of it could be catastrophic,” he added.

The chair was donated by the company RANNERFLEET to Mr Nelson, who is a member of the University of Melbourne’s medical school.

“My dad had a stroke, so we thought that it would be a great way to get the support that we need,” Mr Nelson said.

The chairs were sold by the university’s medical and dental school to a Melbourne company for the last 30 days, and Mr Nelson is currently undergoing a medical check-up at the university.RANNERFS head of communications, Tim Taylor, said the chairs were designed to have the capability to detect human movements, track people, and kill people.

“The chairs are designed to work with an iPhone to monitor the movements of the user and send a warning when they start moving towards the person or object they are trying to control,” he explained.

“If that person or the object they’re controlling is moving in a certain way, the chair will stop them.”

Mr Nelson said he would have loved to have been able to have his chair, but that his father had “no time to go through the motions” of buying it.

He said he had bought the chair on the advice of his father and was “thrilled to have it back”.

“My father bought it to help me, he said, “and I’m glad I’m not going to have to deal with it anymore.

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