A Walmart laptop computer system was put into use at a store in North Carolina, where it was plugged into a Walmart video streaming system, according to documents filed in court.

The filing comes as Amazon is looking to expand its video streaming service to more states.

Amazon said Thursday that it has installed the system at two stores in North Dakota and Ohio.

The company did not say when the systems were installed or how much it costs.

The company did provide a statement to The Washington Times.

“We’re proud to announce that our video streaming team has installed an Amazon video-streaming system in the store at the Walmart in Fargo, North Dakota, that was activated last week,” the statement said.

“The Amazon system is designed to stream video from multiple devices at the same time, which is essential for Amazon Video to provide an excellent customer experience.

The system also works with the Walmart’s existing video streaming capabilities, so that customers can easily access their favorite movies and TV shows.”

This new video streaming solution is part of Amazon’s ongoing commitment to expand the reach of our video-on-demand service, which includes more locations and more types of content, to more customers around the world,” the company added.

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