NEW YORK (AP) – New software designed to block the spread of malware on computers and smartphones by automatically deleting cookies and other digital files will go live this year and will be available by 2019, according to a major computer chip manufacturer.

The new version of the software, called “Cookies by Default,” will be a plug-and-play plug-in that can be installed on new computers or phones.

It’s the first such software, according the company, that has a fully functional and tested version on a consumer product.

Cookies are tiny pieces of information about your online activity that are stored on computers that track who you have talked to, which websites you’ve visited, and where you have browsed.

The idea is to use this data to target ads and other advertising based on your activity.

Cookys are the information stored on your phone that track how often you’ve talked to a specific person, such as a friend, your employer, a friend or a company.

Companies, including Google, have been using cookies for years to track users.

They’re often used by websites to display relevant ads, including ads for products, services and movies.

But the privacy issues have led to widespread concerns about privacy.

Cooky tracking is used by companies to track people, such ads and to collect data about their activities.

But the technology is now being used to track and analyze people online.

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