, the website of foldComputerDesk, the online shop of FoldComputer, has a few foldable desktops that are all about the fold.

Some are even available as foldable flat surfaces.

But there’s one foldable computer desk that isn’t a foldable device: a laptop.

It’s called the Fold Computer Desk.

It comes with a computer that folds itself into a flat shape, and it’s the only one we know of that’s a foldible laptop.

But it also folds up into a tablet, phone, or other electronic device.

Here’s how to fold it into a laptop:You can buy it here for about $200.

And if you want to try it on for size, you can check out the video below, which shows the Foldcomputer Desk on the iPad Mini.

It doesn’t come with a keyboard, but you can get one for about the same price.

There’s also a tablet that folds into it.

Here is how the FoldComputer Desk looks on the Apple iPad Mini:Here is a video that shows the fold on the Google Nexus 6:It folds up to about 16.5 inches (38 cm) when folded flat, so it’s not exactly like a laptop, but it’s a great desk to use for reading and working.

The fold is pretty wide, but the tablet folds up nicely as well.

It’s also not really a laptop-like device, though.

The FoldComputerDesk doesn’t include a keyboard.

You can buy one here for $79.

It also comes with two extra speakers.

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