After six years in Serie A, Juventus have been the best team in the game for almost four months now.

This despite being relegated in December, as they failed to qualify for the Champions League and were beaten by a team that would go on to finish the season at the bottom of the table.

It is one of many stories about Italy’s future that has emerged from the Football Italian, which is produced by the La Gazzetta dello Sport newspaper.

In the course of the project, journalist Francesco Marini interviewed seven football experts from around the world and asked them to give their verdict on Italy’s national team. 

Among those experts was former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola, who gave his opinion on how the country’s new generation of players is adapting to the demands of the big games.

“I’ve been to a lot of big games, the Europa League, the Confederations Cup, and now the World Cup, so I’ve seen how they adapt,” said the Bayern Munich coach, who now manages the Argentina national team and the German national team respectively.

“They adapt with the games, too.

It’s a matter of time before they’ll find a way to win the Euros. “

They’re young, and I believe they’ll be able to play well in the big competitions.

It’s a matter of time before they’ll find a way to win the Euros. 

The players they’ve brought in are exceptional, they’re young and they’re smart. 

They’ve got a very good squad and a great coach. 

When you’re at a club like Juventus and you see them playing against one another and the crowd goes crazy, it’s a great feeling.”

Marini also spoke to former Barcelona and Bayern Munich manager Pep. 

“[The current players] were good, they were not so young, they had some time to adjust to the pressure.

But they’re very experienced and they know the games well. 

You can see that they’re not afraid to play against teams that are stronger and better than them. 

I know they’ve worked with some great players in my time. 

In terms of the players I’ve been impressed by, I’ve had the pleasure of playing against many of them, so you can see what kind of talent they have. 

Pep Guardiola said that he feels the players’ attitude has improved since he first came to Italy.””

They have an unbelievable spirit.

They are always ready, they are never tired, they play to the end and they play for the team.

They’re not happy if they lose, they’ll always go out fighting.

They will play for their country. 

 Pes and his players are the most important players I have ever played with, and they are very intelligent.” 

“The fans are amazing.

They make the whole thing great.

You feel they’re giving the players everything.” 

 “In terms the players, I think they are the best.

I have a feeling that they are going to improve.” 

Marini was unable to interview Barcelona’s Luis Suarez, but the former Liverpool and Manchester United captain has a different take on how to judge the future of the team: “Luis is a very talented player, but you can’t say that he’s the best player in the team.” 

And the former Manchester City striker thinks it will take some time for the new generation to show their potential: “[With] the likes of [Bayern Munich] and [Manchester City], they can win the Champions Leagues and the League and they can also win the Europa Leagues. 

And then they’ll get their feet wet. 

We will have to wait and see.” 

So there you have it: Juventus are on the way to winning the European Cup.

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