The Internet is in a tizzy over what is going on with HBO’s ‘Game Of Thrones’ season finale, as some users have taken to posting cryptic messages and images online.

Here are five things you should know about the finale:1.

HBO has confirmed that “it was the same old story”This is the first time that a season finale has been confirmed.

According to the network, the plot of season 5 is still the same as the last one.

“This time, Cersei has no allies and is completely isolated in her own castle, surrounded by the undead,” HBO said in a statement.

“We have the same basic plot: A new king comes to power and the old order is destroyed.

There are also hints of a new war.”2.

‘Game’ is a ‘political thriller’ and not ‘political drama’The finale will take viewers on a political thriller as well as a political one, according to HBO.

The series is set in the year 2037.

“The world is still divided, and the war between the houses of the Iron Throne is still raging, but the political situation is so precarious that the only thing standing between them and a brutal death is the Ironborn, a mysterious new species of humanoid cyborgs,” the network said.

“There is a certain tension in the series, as Cersei and Jaime’s quest for revenge against the Iron House becomes ever more personal.

There is also the prospect of an unexpected turn of events, including a mysterious ‘humanity’ who appears in the shadows and appears to be a part of the House of Black and White.”

We hope viewers enjoy this new chapter in this epic series.”3.

There’s been no official word on whether Jaime Lannister will dieIn the finale, Cercei kills Jaime, and he dies.

There have been no announcements on the fate of the character.4.

It’s not clear if ‘Game’, ‘HBO’ or ‘Game Change’ are in productionA lot of people are asking if ‘Hannibal’ is in production, and if the other two shows are.

HBO and the other networks haven’t confirmed that.

The networks also haven’t said if ‘House Of Cards’ is still on the air.5.

Will we see Cersei’s brother and sister on the show?

Yes, we will see Jaime’s brother Ser Barristan in ‘Game,’ according to the statement from HBO.

It also said that the “unspoken storyline” will be that the Lannisters are going to have to split their families and try to make their own decisions.”

In the coming weeks, we’ll reveal more about the show and the future of House Lannister, including what it’s going to be like for the brothers and sisters who are going in the opposite direction,” HBO added.

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