When the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus launch in September, it will be the best-selling smartphone in the world, according to the market research firm Strategy Analytics.

The company’s annual global smartphone market share report reveals that Apple sold 4.9 million smartphones worldwide in the last 12 months, a massive improvement on the 3.9 billion iPhones sold in 2016.

That’s because of the new iPad Pro, which has dramatically improved the iPad’s screen size and resolution.

“This year we’ve seen an iPhone upgrade, and this year the iPad Pro is also making a huge impact,” said Strategy Analytics senior analyst Christopher Cappelli.

“There is a great opportunity for Apple to deliver some amazing results for the year.”

Apple sold 1.9m iPhones in the third quarter of 2016, a 7.6% increase from the second quarter.

The iPhone 6 has been selling better than ever, but the iPad is still far ahead of it.

Apple is selling more iPhones than the iPad and is the biggest seller of smartphones in the US.

“The iPad Pro has been an incredible success, and it has helped Apple drive the momentum in the smartphone industry,” Cappellisaid.

“But the iPhone is still very much a leader, and Apple is going to need to deliver even better results in the coming months if it wants to be a serious player in the mobile industry.”

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