The NHL is having a bit of a quiet season this year, and the league is starting to feel like its in a different league.

In fact, it’s been pretty quiet for the last couple of weeks, with the league’s season-ending schedule not changing much, as it does with most years.

And it’s also not going to be a long time before the NHL looks back and realizes how little it has accomplished in the last few years, because there’s so much going on in the world right now that the NHL is now in a bit more of a time crunch.

The NHL’s top prospects are in the middle of the playoffs, but the NHL’s talent-based roster is not nearly as strong as it was in years past.

In other words, the league has a lot of work to do, and it’s going to take a while to get there.

The NHL’s Top 20 Prospects of the NHL 2015-16 season (via Prospect: Travis Konecny, Centre, Wisconsin BadgersThe Badgers have had a solid season so far, but their first-round win over Minnesota was not the highlight it should have been.

Konecy’s production was much better, and he even got into the net, but he was still not the big offensive force he could have been, and that was certainly the case in a game against the No. 3 seed Minnesota Wild.

Konesy has been an elite scorer this season, and has been a mainstay of the Badgers’ top line.

He also has a very good shot.

He is a plus-1, which is very good for a first-rounder.

He also has the potential to be one of the best centers in the draft.

He has the ability to score, and his offensive upside is very high.

He can shoot, which should be a plus for a forward at the next level, and while he isn’t the biggest or strongest guy, he has excellent vision and puck-handling skills.

He’s also a tremendous skater, which will allow him to create space for himself on the rush, as well as score goals.

He doesn’t have the size or the physical tools to play wing or centre, but his upside is so high.

It’s also important to note that he has a good shot and the size to defend.

He plays a very smart game.

He has great vision and he has the tools to make plays, which means he has to be prepared for every situation.

If he plays his best, he will make the most of the opportunities.

He understands that and he understands the importance of being a smart, skilled player.

He was good in the faceoff circle, but it was not as effective as he could be.

He did a good job of making plays in the defensive zone, but also did not create a lot offensively.

The goal he got was a little bit of luck, which could be the difference between being a goal and a point.

The Badger’s first round pick, Konecsny had a strong debut.

He finished with three goals and eight points in six games.

He showed a good mix of size, skill and skating ability.

He had a great first period, which was his best in any of the last three years.

He really showed the potential, and was very efficient on the cycle game, especially when he got the puck.

He looked to be in the right frame of mind, which makes him a very exciting prospect.

He was really good defensively, and when he did make a play, he had a good attitude and attitude is something that you can really appreciate.

He always wanted to be the guy on the puck, and if you saw him skate the puck to the net he would always be thinking about what to do next.

He just wants to win the puck back and make the play.

That’s what he is.

That was really his game.

The biggest thing is that he is a very competitive player.

He had a lot to learn defensively, but in the end he was able to become a good defensive player.

The Badgers had a pretty good game, and they had to be pretty effective on the forecheck, but I thought Konecays game was really strong.

He got a little frustrated in a couple of situations, but overall he did a really good job on the defensive side of the puck and really got involved.

He could be a top-five pick in the league if he continues to develop.

He could be an impact player on a lot teams, but there are so many teams that will be looking for a good player in the first round.

He should be able to play a full season at the pro level, but a year or two at the NHL level could be just what the doctor ordered for him.

He needs to work on his defensive game, his skating, his defensive IQ, and get better at puck handling, because he is such a smart player and he