Google is eliminating its own browser, Chrome, to focus on other products, including a new device that will be called “Google Glass”.

The company, whose primary business is Google Glass, is also planning to release a “Glass Pro” computer that will allow users to take video and photos from a distance, as well as play videos on Google Glass.

The new device, codenamed “Google Chrome” is to be sold through Google’s new Google Play store.

Google Glass is a wearable device that uses Google’s Glass technology.

It has a built-in camera that can record video, but the video is only stored on the device itself.

Its first official consumer product will be a device called Google Glass Pro, which will be available for $1,500 (about £1,600) on Google’s site, according to the Wall Street Journal.

Glass Pro will also come with a pair of glasses, and Google said it would provide a guide on how to pair them.

However, the Google Glass site is currently unavailable for purchase.

The move follows Google’s announcement last week that it was shutting down its Glass product line.

“We are very proud to announce that Google Glass will be shutting down,” the company said in a statement.

“Google will be partnering with the hardware partners that made Google Glass the industry standard.

Google Glass and Google Glass are not the same product and will not be available on our devices.”

Glass will continue to exist as a separate, Google-developed product, but Google will no longer be selling Glass.

“Google has said it plans to launch Glass Pro later this year.

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