READ MORE Microsoft has unveiled a new data security policy that would allow customers to request to block or block specific websites that they believe are violating their privacy or are a threat to their data.

The company said the policy is the result of the ongoing effort to combat cyberattacks on its systems and customers, and the move reflects its commitment to the security of customers’ data.

“While the policy changes have come at a time of heightened concern about cyberthreats and their impact on the cybersecurity landscape, they also represent a clear acknowledgment that we can’t fully control how we protect the information that flows through our systems,” said Mark Z. Smith, Microsoft’s general counsel and chief information officer.

“By removing a single button to access these websites, Microsoft is making it easier for users to be confident in the security and privacy of their personal information.”

Microsoft said the change to the policy comes in response to an investigation into the theft of data from the personal information of several million users by a hacker who targeted the company’s Windows operating system.

The new policy is part of Microsoft’s effort to “reduce the likelihood of unauthorized access to our customers’ personal information and make the data protection of our customers more resilient to attacks,” Smith said.

Microsoft has been facing criticism for allowing users to opt-out of a security update.

The privacy and security team of Microsoft has been reviewing ways to address this trend, including creating a single page where users can choose to opt out of Microsoft software updates.

Smith said Microsoft is also developing a new product called Windows 10 Privacy Center that will give users the ability to control their security settings for specific sites and applications.

“We have created a new Privacy Center, which will allow users to choose to protect their personal data and their privacy by blocking, blocking, or blocking all of the sites that we are tracking, by blocking or blocking specific services that are tracking them, or by blocking all the applications that are being tracked,” Smith wrote.

The policy changes come in response for Microsoft’s fourth-quarter results, which showed revenue declined slightly from the previous quarter and operating income rose slightly from last year.

The company posted revenue of $24.7 billion, down from $25.4 billion.

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