Amazon, Walmarts and Microsoft are teaming up to offer shoppers new deals in a bid to lure shoppers back to their online retail stores.

Amazon and Walmart, which already have a partnership that lets customers pay with credit cards, are making their first moves since the start of the year.

In a memo to employees, the companies said they would begin offering discounts on merchandise from Walmart and Amazon starting January 11.

The new discounts are for items such as furniture, appliances and other goods.

Microsoft is offering a special gift for customers to use their Microsoft Rewards credit card at Target and other retailers beginning January 10.

Microsoft said it will be accepting Walmart vouchers and gift cards for shoppers to use at Target, Amazon and Best Buy.

The deal is for Target and Walmart members.

Walmart and Target announced plans to offer discounts on new merchandise from Target and Microsoft earlier this month.

Walmart and Microsoft announced a $300 million deal in December to create a new retail partnership to sell digital video games and other content on their platforms.

That deal will also expand the digital store through which customers can shop for digital games and content.

While Amazon and Microsoft will offer the new deals to customers, the online retailers are also offering new offers for shoppers that have a store credit card.

Amazon is offering to waive the $99 annual fee for customers who buy products through its online store through its new credit card, and Microsoft is offering an annual membership to its new online store with an annual fee of $299.

Last month, Walmart, Amazon, Microsoft and other companies said that customers who have a Walmart credit card or Amazon Pay credit card will be able to shop at Target or Amazon stores on January 1.

That will be the first time that customers can use a credit card to shop for online products and products that are not part of Walmart or Amazon’s existing loyalty programs.

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