On a Chromebook, there are two types of apps you can use on your Chromebook.

The first is a standard app, and that is WhatsApp, a messaging app.

The second type of app is a Chrome extension called Chrome Extension.

Whatsapp is available for both Android and Windows Phone, and you can download WhatsApp for Chrome on any computer.

You can use WhatsApp in Chrome, or you can install WhatsApp for Windows Phone on Windows Phone.

WhatsApp can be installed on both Chromebooks.

You will need a Chrome browser extension to use the app, but it is quite simple to use.

To install WhatsApp, open Chrome and click on the WhatsApp icon on the left hand side of the Chrome window.

If you click on a shortcut, you will be taken to the WhatsApp settings page.

Select the extension that you want to install and click “Install Now.”

When you have installed the extension, you can select “Install on Chromebook” to install WhatsApp on the Chromebook.

WhatsApp has the ability to display the message in the notification center, which you can also access from the Chrome menu.

Now you have WhatsApp installed, you want your Chromebook to sync with your phone.

This will sync your messages, calendars, contacts, and other information to your phone using WhatsApp.

WhatsApp does this using the Chrome browser extensions, so you won’t have to install the extension for that.

WhatsApp supports up to 20 contacts at once, and it also supports the ability for the extension to show attachments to WhatsApp messages.

It also supports encryption of messages.

If you have not installed WhatsApp on your phone yet, this is the first time you will need to do so.

You can check if you have the extension installed in Chrome by checking your browser’s extensions tab.

Once you install the WhatsApp extension, WhatsApp will automatically be synced to your device whenever you sync your phone with WhatsApp.

I highly recommend that you install WhatsApp if you are on Windows 10.

WhatsApp will work on Windows phones, but there are certain limitations and security concerns.

WhatsApp also supports voice calls on Windows devices, but that functionality is not yet available on Chromebooks or other Windows devices.

Other apps on Windows computers that are useful on a Windows computer include Skype, Twitter, and Google Talk.

WhatsApp on Chrome is similar to WhatsApp on Android, but the Chrome extension does not have any additional features.

Once you have downloaded WhatsApp for the Chromebook, you have to start the app.

The app itself will ask you to select your device to install it, and then it will launch.

You’ll be asked to configure your password for the app and then the app will start syncing your phone’s information.

WhatsApp is free, so the best way to use it is to download it and install it as soon as you have it installed on your computer.

WhatsApp currently supports about 20,000 contacts, so it will sync more frequently than other apps on your Android phone.

For those of you who don’t know WhatsApp, you should read the Chrome Extension FAQ for more information.

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