Posted October 11, 2018 04:18:40Apple’s $6.7 billion purchase of the PC hardware maker is coming to a close, and the new computer company has just announced it has just passed IBM in the revenue race.

IBM has a strong position, with a market value of more than $40 billion.

But for the last several years, Apple has had to compete against IBM in an increasingly saturated PC market.

The PC business is a very different beast from the one Apple created for itself, and while it was not immune from the PC explosion that began in 2007, it is no longer in the same league.

Microsoft and IBM had two years to turn the PC into a serious competitor, and they didn’t.

The company spent years creating its own version of Windows that was very similar to the operating system it had been selling for years, and it did it by building a software platform that could run on PCs that ran Windows.

The Windows operating system did not include a lot of the software that IBM had built into its own operating system, but Microsoft and the other PC companies did.

The PCs sold well enough to warrant a big investment in new hardware.

Microsoft and other PC makers built the next generation of computers, and then they built the computers that made up the computing base.

IBM bought a lot more of them and put them on the market.

Apple didn’t buy a lot, but it did build the iPhone and iPad and make the Mac computers.

The first version of the Apple computer was called the Apple ][, and that’s when Apple built its first computers with only a few components.

The Apple ][ was designed for people who wanted to get a lot done in a small space, and its first version sold about 40,000 units.

But as the market for personal computers expanded and the PC industry became increasingly crowded, the companies that built those computers found themselves competing with each other.

IBM and Microsoft spent years trying to win over users and business customers, and eventually, both companies had to start looking for ways to get their own software onto their own PCs.

Microsoft did a lot to keep the PCs operating systems up to date, and IBM and Apple both used to share code in their operating systems that could be used to run code that IBM and other companies were already using on their own computers.

IBM would often update the OS to include some of the new features in its own software, and Apple would make sure that its software worked in a different environment, too.

Apple, however, was a little slower to adopt IBM’s software.

Apple’s Mac computers were designed with the idea that they would be able to run some older software, like IBM’s Windows 95, on the machines they were built for.

But as more and more people started using Apple’s new computers, the company needed to do a lot less work to ensure that its OS worked on newer versions of Windows.

IBM’s Macs were supposed to run OS X, but as the company grew in size, Apple’s work got more complicated.IBM’s Mac OS X was more powerful than Apple’s, and so it was able to deliver more features to Mac users, but the operating systems used by many of the company’s Mac customers were not compatible with OS X. Apple eventually ended up paying $1.2 billion to buy the company in 2006, and now IBM has its own OS X software on its own servers and on Apple’s servers and its own hardware.

As for the future, Apple is trying to push into the cloud.

Apple is not making much of an effort to be a cloud company anymore.

It’s not going to have a cloud-based infrastructure anymore, and most of its users do not have any cloud-hosted computing systems.

IBM wants to become a cloud provider, and for now, its cloud-building efforts are limited to building apps and providing data to third-party developers.

But it is clear that the next major hardware innovation that Apple is going to bring to the world of computers will not be a new operating system or a new OS, but a new form of hardware called a “cloud-native” system.

That’s because Apple has always been focused on creating the software for the web and mobile devices that are used today, but today, there are fewer and fewer devices that use web browsers.

Apple has always had a strong advantage in the market because its customers don’t have to worry about where their data is stored, and in some cases, they can keep it safe from hackers by simply using a cloud service that uses their personal data to store the data.

IBM is also trying to do this, but IBM is not as strong as Apple is at this.

Apple’s biggest competitor is Microsoft, which has its main server business focused on the cloud, and also has been looking at ways to extend its server business into the mobile space.

IBM started building the Watson supercomputer, which was a big step up from the previous generation of supercomputers. It

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