Microsoft is set to release a Windows Phone software update to fix a vulnerability in the operating system that allows an attacker to steal credentials from the phones’ cameras and microphones.

The vulnerability affects the Windows Phone version 8.3 and Windows Phone 7.5 operating systems.

The flaw allows attackers to compromise a victim’s phone remotely by leveraging the camera or microphone.

Microsoft says it has found no evidence that the flaw has been exploited in the wild, although there are suggestions that the problem was first reported to the company by a researcher.

Microsoft issued a patch for the problem last week.

In the meantime, the company has released a “Windows Phone 8.4 update,” and is working on an update for Windows Phone OS 7.2.

The company said the update will fix the problem in Windows Phone 9, Windows Phone 10, and Windows Mobile 8.1 devices, although Microsoft doesn’t say which devices.

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