It’s time for a reminder that you should never leave home without an inexpensive computer.

The price of computers has plummeted over the last few years, and if you want to buy a new one you need to buy one that’s compatible with a variety of computers.

The cheapest laptop you can buy right now is the $150 Lenovo Yoga 3, which you can find for just $200.

But you can get a decent machine for far less if you look for one that will work on a variety more devices.

There are several cheap options for these types of laptops, and I’ve broken them down into two categories: cheap laptops that can be used as a cheap portable computer, and more expensive laptops that will last you a lifetime.

There’s no shortage of cheap laptops on the market, but the two categories of laptops that are the most affordable are the portable ones.

Cheap laptops for use as a portable computer 1.

Chromebooks These laptops work best as a laptop.

They’re usually smaller than an iPad or other small-screened laptop, and they have a smaller screen size than a smartphone.

If you want a small laptop that’s easy to carry around, you can go for a Chromebook Pixel, which is about the same size as a regular laptop, but only about an inch thick.

If your laptop needs to be a tablet for productivity, it might be worth buying a Chromebook Pro, which has a 4.6-inch display and is about an eighth of an inch thicker than a regular tablet.

Chromebook Pixel Chromebook Pixel is the cheapest Chromebook Pixel available.

It costs $199.99, and it works well enough that you can use it on a wide range of computers, including Chromebooks, MacBooks, and even Windows computers.

Chromebook Pro Chromebook Pro is the most expensive Chromebook.

It’s $799.99.

It has a 2,200-by-1,600-pixel display and has a 3-inch screen.

The screen is smaller than the Pixel’s, and the laptop’s dimensions are much larger.

Chromebook has recently introduced a smaller Chromebook that comes in the same price range.

Chromebook Mini Chromebook Mini has a much smaller display and a smaller size than the Chromebook Pixel.

Chromebook 13 Chromebook 13 is another Chromebook that has a screen about the size of an iPad, and is available for about $100 less.

Chromebook 15 Chromebook 15 is the Chromebook that Google released in late 2017 that is currently on sale for $79.99 with no contract.

It offers a more compact design, has a smaller display, and costs a little less than a MacBook Pro.

Chromebook is the smallest Chromebook that will fit in your pocket and is the one that comes with the most accessories.

Chromebook 17 Chromebook 17 is another smaller Chromebook with a 1,920-by 1,080-pixel screen.

It is available in two different configurations: a $299 model that has an 8-inch LCD display, a $549 model that features a 13.3-inch panel, and an $799 model that uses the same 8- and 13.5-inch displays.

Chromebook 25 Chromebook 25 has a 1.9-inch touchscreen, which makes it an excellent alternative to the $599 Chromebook Pixel and the $799 Chromebook Pixel 2.

Chromebook 34 Chromebook 34 is another device with a slightly smaller screen than Chromebook Pixel 34, but it comes with some additional accessories.

It comes with a USB-C port, a headphone jack, and a webcam.

Chromebook 35 Chromebook 35 is a slightly larger version of the Chromebook 34, and comes with two USB-A ports.

Chromebook 42 Chromebook 42 has a slightly thicker screen and is also available with two additional USB-B ports.

The Chromebook 43 Chromebook 43 is another slightly larger Chromebook with an 8.3mm display.

Chromebook 49 Chromebook 49 has a larger display than Chromebook 34.

Chromebook 55 Chromebook 55 is the best Chromebook you can spend the least money on.

It retails for $299 with a $149 contract.

Chromebook 64 Chromebook 64 has a very similar screen size to Chromebook Pixel 64, but has a display that’s larger than the iPhone 7 Plus’s, so it’s a bit cheaper than the MacBook Pro but not as expensive as the Chromebook Pro.

Lenovo Yoga 5 The cheapest Chromebook you’ll ever need is the Yoga 5, which costs $249.99 in the United States.

Lenovo has discontinued the Yoga line of laptops after the Yoga 7 line.

It was the most popular laptop on Lenovo’s Yoga laptops lineup, but now it’s mostly been discontinued.

The Yoga 5 has a 6-inch 1080p display and works well with many devices.

Chromebook 12 Chromebook 12 is a similar device as the Yoga 4, but is a bit more expensive.

Chromebook 14 Chromebook 14 is the same Chromebook 12 as the Lenovo Yoga 4 but is available with a more modern design.

Chromebook 16 Chromebook 16 is a Chromebook with the same screen size as the $149 Lenovo Yoga 8 and the same display size as Chromebook Pixel 16.

Chromebook 20 Chromebook 20 has a 1080p screen and

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