A new high-end VR headset is set to launch this summer, and it looks like it will offer a whole lot more than just a VR experience.

The new Gear VR is a headset designed specifically for people who want to experience virtual reality but aren’t ready to invest a significant amount of money.

The device is said to offer up to 30 hours of VR video playback, and the company says that its creators have created an entire new category of VR content.

The company claims that its virtual reality content is currently available on the Gear VR, which is a Samsung Gear VR headset with a $400 price tag.

This is an extremely promising development, but we’ve seen plenty of high-profile Oculus Rift games fail to make a living out of virtual reality before.

That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially when you consider that the Oculus Rift is a relatively new product and hasn’t even hit the market yet.

It seems like the Gear is going to offer some of the best virtual reality experiences we’ve ever seen.

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