Computer monitors, monitors, desktop monitors and laptops are all in the same category, according to a survey carried out by Walmarts Computer Monitor & Monitor and Computer Backgrounds, both based in Singapore.

The survey asked consumers to rate their personal computer monitor and computer monitor’s computer background.

The study, which was conducted by Walmart, asked for a score of a total of 100, which means the person has to choose between three different monitor and monitor backgrounds.

For example, the user could choose from a variety of monitors from a wide variety of brands and price points.

The survey also asked consumers how they feel about the quality of monitors.

According to the survey, 65% of the respondents said they are satisfied with the quality and look of monitors and the rest were unsure.

Another 61% of respondents said the monitor is well designed and is well-made.

The rest were not sure.

The results of the survey also found that 52% of consumers said they prefer the colour choices of the monitor to those of the other monitors.

The report further said that the monitor should be easily accessible and that it should be capable of keeping its color settings on even in dim light.

This could be especially important in countries like India where the country is known for its poor lighting conditions.

The Walmarks survey also pointed out that consumers are less satisfied with some of the products available for the monitors and that they prefer products that are more affordable.

The brand also said that its computer monitor is the best for both home and office.

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