Partizan Belgrade 0-0 Juventus, Milan 0: The teams play at the Stadio Olimpico, the former home of Milan.

The hosts opened with a 0-2 win at the Estadio Cappella on Sunday.

They then lost 2-0 at the Sestriere San Giovanni.

The match ended 0-3.


Milan 2-2 Zagreb: Zagreba scored twice on his debut for Milan, and was one of the few who made an impact.

The midfielder scored a penalty in the 76th minute, and the ball fell to the back post to give Milan a 1-0 lead.

Zagrias goal came after a Milan corner, and it was a fine finish that got the crowd into it.

The goal was Zagrab’s first for the club, and his second for his national team.

Zaggedo made his debut as a substitute in the 67th minute.


Milan 1-2 Juventus: The hosts started with a 1/0 win in the first half, but the Bianconeri were quick to respond.

Milano’s Alessandro Florenzi put a shot in from just outside the box to give the Giallorossi the lead, and they added another in the 72nd minute to extend their advantage.

A penalty in stoppage time gave Milan a 2-1 lead, but they held on for the victory.


Juventus 0-4 Parma: In the 67-minute match, Juve’s Marcello Lippi was booked for a dangerous challenge on Andrea Pirlo.

The referee pointed to Pirlos challenge and decided to call a yellow card.

Pirlou was sent off in the 78th minute for the tackle, and he was not given a second yellow.


Milan 3-1 Parma, Juventus 1-1 Udinese: The Nerazzurri dominated the opening 20 minutes of the match, and Juventus held firm in the second half.

Milan had a couple of chances, including an own goal, but failed to score.

The Nerazu goalkeeper had a poor save on Milan’s second goal.


Udinese 1-3 Milan, Milan 1: The Milan forward Antonio Calabria put Udinese in front with a goal in the 66th minute after his shot was saved by Milan goalkeeper Giorgio Chiellini.

Calabrians shot was headed away, and Calabrian was sent to the stands for his poor reaction.


Milan 0/3 Juventus, Udinese 2-3: Juve dominated in the early stages of the game, but Udinese managed to break the deadlock when they got a goal back in the 53rd minute.

Paulo Dybala played the ball to the left of the box and he beat a Pirloi corner, which allowed Alessandro Del Piero to poke it past the keeper.

The forward then turned and fired a shot into the net from 20 yards out, and then a free kick from the penalty spot found the back of the net.


Milan 4-2 Udinese, Udice 0-6: Milan went ahead in the 77th minute with a free-kick from a free header that found its way past Pirli.

Milan then equalized when Gianluca Zambrotta’s shot was deflected by the keeper and bounced off Pirloes feet.


Udice 1-6 Milan, Udic 1-4: Milan took the lead in the 83rd minute when Paulo Dybolba sent a freekick from the left side of the penalty area that found the bottom corner of the goal.

Udic were fortunate to not concede the goal, however, and Milan were left with a 3-3 draw.


Milan 5-0 Udice, Milan 3/4: The visitors took the opening goal of the second leg at the Pico della Roma, with Alessandro Pirlosa finding space in the Udinese box and scoring a low strike into the far corner of goal to give Udic a 1,000-per-game lead.

Milan also doubled their lead in stoppish time, when Alessandro Caffiero’s free kick found the top corner of net.


Udici 2-4 Milan, Juventus 0/5: The second leg will be played at the Udic stadium, while the first leg will take place at the Calabrò stadium.

The Milan side is looking for a third consecutive win.

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