A high-speed computer that can crunch huge amounts of data is cheaper than a high-end computer that has a slower processor.

A low-end tablet that is just as powerful but runs a tablet OS is cheaper still.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Apple computers are much cheaper than high-powered tablets, according to a report by Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics.

The same report said that Israeli school students pay an average of $10,000 per year to buy a new Apple computer, which is roughly equivalent to the cost of an Apple tablet.

But the price difference between Apple computers and high-priced tablets can be even more pronounced.

When it comes to the number of days a student spends on a computer, Apple computers can run for as long as six hours a day.

For a computer to be more than 10 times as powerful as a tablet, it would have to run for 10 times longer.

But Apple computers have more powerful processors and can do more than just crunch data.

Apple laptops are also designed to run multiple apps at the same time.

They can also stream music and video from Apple iCloud accounts to other devices and can stream music from iTunes libraries.

Apple also sells computers that can run both a desktop operating system and a mobile operating system.

The average price of a computer that runs Apple OS X, the operating system of Apple computers, is $1,800.

In contrast, the average price for a tablet with a smartphone is $399, according Toan, a software development company based in Israel.

Apple has been pushing its tablets and smartphones to become more powerful, more expensive and more powerful for years.

According to the latest report by the Israeli Central Bureau for Statistics, the country’s overall GDP rose by 2.9 percent in 2016 compared to 2015.

In comparison, Israeli GDP grew by 2 percent in 2015.

However, Apple’s share of the smartphone market has dropped.

According to the report, Apple is now the third-largest seller of smartphones, behind only Samsung and Huawei.

“Israel’s economy is suffering from an oversupply of smartphones and the demand is outstripping supply,” said Toan.

Last year, Israel’s mobile network operators offered to build and sell phones for about $200 per smartphone.

Instead, the government allowed operators to charge a minimum of $350 for a smartphone.

It is estimated that about 30 percent of smartphones sold in Israel are purchased by Israelis who pay the minimum price.

With the current price, it makes no sense for Israeli consumers to pay the $350 minimum price to buy smartphones, said Toans.

While Apple’s devices can run more than 8 hours of video, the number that runs a mobile OS is smaller, Toans said.

There are a number of factors that can lead to the price gap.

One is that there are a lot of Apple products that have been developed for different platforms and are not available in the market yet.

Another factor is that many Israeli parents are choosing to buy iPads instead of iPhones.

According the report that was released this week, Israeli parents of preschool children spend about $15,000 on iPad devices, compared to about $20,000 for iPhones.

Some Israeli parents also are using Apple Pay, a payment system that uses a smartphone or other electronic payment device to make a purchase, Toan said.

The payments process is much faster than with other forms of payment.

On the other hand, Apple does not make any money from the sales of smartphones in Israel, Toanes said.

“If Apple is going to make money from these devices, they should be making money from Apple.”

Israel is also not the only country where technology companies are competing for market share.

Earlier this year, Israeli technology company Telenor sold a smartphone that was similar to an iPhone.

Israeli media reports said that the company was hoping that the smartphone would have “the same capabilities as the iPhone.”

However and according to Telenors sales director Shlomo Rosenfeld, the smartphone was a complete disaster.

Telenor also made some mistakes when it launched the phone.

For instance, the phone did not connect to the Internet for the first year, Rosenfeld said.

However, he said that Telenora is committed to building a smartphone for every Israeli child.

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