In a year when internet cafes have become the go-to spot for browsing and browsing alone, one small business in Melbourne has become a symbol of a new age of social media. 

The internet cafe in The Rock, about two hours outside Melbourne’s CBD, was founded by Andrew, who had been using the site for the past few months.

Andrew said the cafe was the brainchild of a friend, and he was able to use the site to connect with people who needed help.

He said he was surprised at how many people had asked for help with the cafe, which had been a favourite hangout of his and his friends.

Andrew said he could use the service to meet new people and was surprised how many had been there for the last month or two.

“I’ve just been having some friends come in here and say hello, say hello to their friends and it’s been amazing,” Andrew said.

People came in to ask for coffee and just to hang out and chill out, Andrew said, and they loved it.

Andrew’s cafe is part of the online community for people who use the social networking site to meet people and share experiences.

Mr Andrew said he wanted to use his cafe to help people with a similar problem.

It’s a problem for many people, he said.

Andrew and his friend, Nathan, who runs a mobile repair shop nearby, decided to start a cafe to solve the problem.

They bought a small cafe in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs for $1,500 to make their living.

In the last few months, the cafe has grown from just a few people to about 50 people.

Nathan said it was a real community effort.

The cafe has since had its fair share of problems.

Andrew lost a computer last year after the device went missing.

His laptop had gone missing after it was dropped into the street.

After his computer was returned, the internet cafe became the subject of a court order to close down and the internet service was taken away.

The cafe is now owned by a group of friends, who have been making a living from it for about a year now.

But they have no plans to give up on the internet cafes and said they wanted to make sure their business thrived.

“I feel like I’m in a new world now,” Andrew told

“(The cafe) is like a new thing.

It’s just a new way of life for me and my friends.”

Andrew, Nathan and their friends are now running a business selling their business online.

Their business has grown to over $600,000 in revenue.

They said they would be willing to take a break from their internet cafe business and focus on other business ventures.

“If you go into it and ask for help, people will be there and they’ll help you out, it’s just like any other business,” Nathan said.

“It’s just something you’re not allowed to do in the world.”


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