Posted November 04, 2018 05:16:10Windows 10 is now available in Canada and is currently available for purchase in the U.S. as well.

It has been available in the United States since October 2018, but it has only been available for a limited time.

Microsoft announced its intention to add Windows 10 to Macs earlier this month, and it appears that they are doing that as well for other countries.

The Windows 10 Mac is available in both Silver and Gold versions.

Both Silver and gold are now available for $1,599, which is $100 cheaper than their regular price.

Microsoft has also added a free upgrade to any Mac with the Windows 10 upgrade for three years.

Windows 10 and Mac support are currently available in six countries: United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.

There are no other countries available at this time.

In the U:The Silver version costs $799, while the Gold version costs an additional $499.

The Gold Mac version also includes a free Windows 10 software update for three months, while a Mac Pro version costs about $1.4 million.

In addition to Silver and Macs, Microsoft also announced that it is releasing a new version of Windows 10 called Windows 10 Mobile for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Microsoft is selling it for $149, with a four-month subscription and an upgrade for $99.

Microsoft said in a blog post that Windows 10 will be available in more countries later this year. 

Microsoft is also offering a new Windows 10 PC called the Windows 7 Professional.

This is an upgrade that comes with two upgrades for $299, with four months of subscription and a $99 upgrade.

This PC is the cheapest option for a Windows 7 PC and can also be used on the Xbox One X, the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the upcoming Samsung S7 Edge.

The S7 is currently in beta testing, so there may be some issues with the PC that are not yet known. 

I think it is a good idea to have a few options for your computer, but not everything needs to be a Mac, Apple, or Microsoft.

There is no reason that everything should be a PC.

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