Today is the official debut date of Microsoft HoloLens, and it will be on sale from the start of the year.

The first version of HoloLens will be released in May and the full-body virtual reality headset will be available in October.

There’s no set release date for the full HoloLens yet, but Microsoft has already said that it’s planning to launch the device in Q4 2018.

The company says the hardware will have “the best of both worlds” with the latest version being “the most powerful and flexible VR system ever created”.

“As consumers we’re excited to take the next step and build the world’s first fully immersive, fully personal computing platform,” said Steve Ballmer, chairman and CEO of Microsoft.

“This technology will revolutionise our world and our people, and will bring us closer together, create new jobs, and allow us to tackle the challenges of our time, from climate change to pandemics, poverty and inequality.”

HoloLens uses holograms to project a virtual world into the human eye.

It also uses cameras to track the user’s body movements and gaze at their face in order to create 3D environments.

The new technology will be a significant step forward for virtual reality as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities, allowing users to interact with their virtual world through a new medium that’s more immersive and personal.

The HoloLens is a big step forward The HoloHornet is designed to allow users to be immersed in a virtual space without needing to be tethered to a TV or a computer screen.

“Today’s announcement marks a new level of personal computing in the virtual world, allowing people to work and play in a way they never have before,” said Mark Hachman, vice president of hardware engineering at Microsoft.

It will be built with a “composite hardware design” that “simplifies the user experience, eliminating the need for a large display or bulky controllers,” Hachmann added.

This means that HoloLens can “see the world around it, and feel the world through the world.”

It will also be able to interact and control objects in the world with its body.

It’s designed to have a “wide field of view” so users can see all the objects in their virtual space and feel “like they are in the real world”.

“The first HoloLens users will experience is a real world experience,” Ballmer said.

“In addition to being a great platform for creating compelling new experiences for people who want to interact in virtual spaces, it will allow us, through this hardware platform, to take a significant and transformative step toward truly transforming the way we interact in the physical world.”

There are a lot of new applications for the HoloLens The HoloGlass is designed for use with many new applications, including the gaming and medical applications that were announced in the HoloHornset announcement.

These include “medical virtual reality”, which will be used in virtual reality glasses for people with traumatic brain injuries or conditions, or those with Parkinson’s disease.

There are also a number of other applications that will be introduced with HoloLens.

For example, there are applications that allow users “to experience life in the future as a hologram,” according to Microsoft.

The system will also allow people to “feel like they are there”, which means “they’ll feel like they’re living inside a virtual environment,” Ballver said.

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