A new wave of refurbished laptops and desktop computers is set to make a return to the Australian market in 2018.

The refurbished market is set for a revival and it could mean big news for companies that sell the machines, such as Macquarie, that are used by the government and the private sector to run government services.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said in January it had seen a 4.3 per cent rise in the number of refurbised computers bought in the 12 months to September, from 784,000 to 1.05 million.

But it said the overall trend in refurbished computing was slowing, and the trend in computers bought for private business was down.

The government is looking to cut its reliance on computers bought from overseas.

Last year it bought $1.7 billion worth of computers from private businesses in an effort to boost the economy.

Macquarie chief executive Andrew MacQuarie said the trend towards refurbished PCs was good news for consumers and business.

“If you think about it, if you look at the industry overall, if we could get rid of these expensive machines and get back to more normal retail pricing, that would be an amazing win for Australian consumers and businesses,” he said.

“So the government has clearly recognised the importance of this and it is not going to be an easy task, but it is an opportunity.”

Mr MacQueria said the refurbishment of computers for public sector use was the best way to boost productivity and reduce costs.

“There are two things we can do with the government’s money and that is buy refurbished equipment and that’s what we are doing,” he explained.

“We have refurbished machines, refurbished desks, refurbish computers.

This is the right thing to do and the right way to do business, particularly when you are talking about reducing the cost of doing business.”AAP”

We have all the tools in place to do it.”

This is the right thing to do and the right way to do business, particularly when you are talking about reducing the cost of doing business.”AAP

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