The road can be slippery, but it can also be treacherous.

It’s also easy to get caught in a jam, even if you don’t crash.

That’s the lesson of the “bicycle computer” system that was used by some New York City bicyclists this past weekend, when a bike crashed through a fence on a New Jersey Turnpike and injured four people.

In all, five cyclists were injured, and two were treated for minor injuries.

The bike, a Honda CBR500, was part of a group of cyclists who were racing against traffic to a racetrack in the town of West Hempstead, New York, at about 4:30 a.m.


They rode the turnpike from the Turnpikesville Raceway to the Hempstead Race Track, where they began their race.

About 30 minutes into the race, the bike crashed into a barrier and the riders jumped the barrier to avoid getting hit by the motorcycle.

The cyclists then hit another barrier and continued on to the next turnpile, which led to a final barrier before the bike hit a concrete barrier.

The bikes stopped at the barrier and waited for traffic to clear.

About a half-mile before the race began, traffic came to a complete halt.

The riders were not wearing helmets, and the barrier did not contain any barriers, according to New York State Police.

One of the riders, a 23-year-old male, suffered minor injuries and was treated and released from the hospital, New Jersey State Police said in a statement.

The other two riders, 26-year and 26-years-old, were treated and taken to hospitals for minor, but not critical, injuries.

Two people who were on the bike were taken to nearby hospitals, and police were investigating the cause of the crash, police said.

The accident is under investigation.

The New York Times wrote that the “cyber-bike” system was developed by a company called Velodyne, and that it was used to teach riders how to ride in public, and to record video of themselves.

According to Velodynemedia, it was originally developed to “provide training for cyclists, pedestrians, and drivers to become more safe.”

“We’ve worked to make the bike computer more accessible and affordable to the public, but unfortunately we also need to be able to do that safely,” Velodyen said in the company’s blog post.

The company also noted that its “bike computer” is also equipped with an emergency phone.

It has since been taken down from the website, but you can view the original post here.

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