Computers and software are not the only ones that are in demand in India.

Computer science majors are also in high demand.

Most of the computer science students enrolled in the Indian institutes are not students from outside the country.

Many of them are from abroad and they want to pursue computer science.

They want to know about the latest trends in computer science, which are in high interest of Indian companies.

This article is an article by Manish Kumar who is a student at University of Delhi.

He has studied computer science since 2005 and he is a computer science major.

He says, I started studying computer science in 2009 and then I got my MSc in 2011.

I have worked on various projects in computer technology and data science, and have written several papers on this subject.

I was awarded the prestigious Computational Engineering Award in 2014.

He got an invitation to participate in a course in the US at the University of Chicago and also attended a two-day conference of the Association for Computing Machinery.

Since then he has been working as a software engineer in IT companies.

He is the creator of a website called Computer Animation, which is aimed at the students who want to learn about computer animation and its applications.

He also created a podcast called Computer Cartoonist.

He loves coding and is a huge fan of movies.

We talk about his love of films, TV and animation.

He wants to do more projects like animation and software.

What are you interested in studying in computer sciences?

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