Intel is now making its first computer, the Matron, available in all of its Core i7 chipsets.

Matron is a 7th generation Intel Core i5 processor that’s available in both the 8th and the 10th generation, as well as in both Skylake and Skylake-X chipsets for laptops.

The new Core i6-7300HQ chip features two Core i3-7200HQ cores and four Intel Skylake cores.

Matrons are a great choice for laptops as they offer a high performance performance, power efficiency, and are generally more affordable than the more expensive Core i9 CPUs, as Intel has a history of pricing its higher-end desktop processors higher than the cheaper chips.

Intel is introducing the Matrons at Computex 2017, a show where Intel and other companies show off their latest chipsets to potential customers.

The Matron uses Intel’s Broadwell-E processors, which are faster and more power efficient than the Haswell-EP chipsets from Intel.

The Intel Core I7 chips are designed to run on desktops, laptops, and other desktop PCs, but they are also great for servers.

Matran processors can handle demanding workloads, such as video encoding and playback, video editing, and image editing.

The first Matron processors are also available for the next-generation Core i-series CPUs, such that you can get a new Intel Core X-series processor in every Core i.

Matras can be configured to run Windows 10 Mobile and Windows Server Core i8-9200U or Core i10-8200U CPUs, which means you can have a single Intel Core E processor and a single Core i processor on the same board.

The company is also releasing a new Matron notebook for the Intel Core Duo line of processors.

MatrĂ³n notebooks are similar to desktop notebooks, but instead of the Core i processors, the company is using the Intel Skylark X300.

Matrandos use two Intel Skylon processors, and they are compatible with Intel’s Xeon Phi and Skylon Phi chipsets, as they support the Hyper-Threading technology.

Matrants can run a wide range of operating systems, such an Ubuntu 14.04 LTS LTS desktop, Windows Server 2016, Linux Mint 18, and even Windows 10.

The high-end Matron has a 13-inch screen, so it can run some modern browsers like Chrome and Firefox, but it can also handle the latest games like Diablo III and Guild Wars 2.

The upcoming Matron laptops will start at $4,999.

The chipsets used for the Matran notebook will cost $8,499, which is quite an increase from the Matrons Core i2 processors.